Sari Draping Guides

  • Contemporary Style

    The Contemporary Style is one of the most common styles for draping a sari. It is worn over your left shoulder. The pallu can either be pinned neatly in place or allowed to drape open along your left arm.
  • Gujarati Style

    The Gujarati Style of wearing a sari shows off your full pallu. This style is wonderful for traditional and special occasions.
  • Mermaid Style

    The Mermaid Style is a very sexy way to wrap a sari. It will accentuate your body shape and all of your curves. Just be sure you plan on walking with small steps-- this style looks fabulous but may limit your range of motion (similar to a mermaid!).
  • Gujarati Shawl Style

    The Gujarati Shawl Style is a simple way to create a completely different & trendy look for parties. It shows off decorative blouses and your torso. A slightly conservative variation to the style would be to wrap the sari around your neck and then drape across your chest securing it with a safety pin.
  • Forward (Open) Mermaid Style

    The Forward (Open) Mermaid Style is a very contemporary and sexy style can be worn in just minutes! It shows off decorative blouses and your torso.
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