Perfect Pleats - Your Sari Solution VIDEO

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- The Quick & Easy way to drape & wear a sari!

- Have the confidence to wear a perfect sari by yourself in minutes!

- Fully adjustable to create perfect pleats in any size!

- Small and compact, fits in most purses, and comes with a pouch for easy storage.

- Makes a great favor for bridal showers and for wedding parties. 

- Own Perfect Pleats for only $12.99!

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As seen in Femina Magazine!

Step-by-Step Instructions

Watch the video (above) or the slideshow (right) for details on how easy it is to create perfect uniform pleats in any fabric material.  

Perfect Pleats can be used for saris and also lenghas, salwar kameez/punjabi dresses, and chania cholis (garba dresses)!

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Designed in USA, Made in INDIA

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**No damage should occur during proper use.  Perfect Pleats claims no liability for any incidental damage to all materials.

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  • Step 1: Remove Perfect Pleats from the velvet pouch.
  • Step 2: Assemble Perfect Pleats by un-nesting and rotating as shown.
  • Step 3: Adjust the width of Perfect Pleats to Average by aligning the top piece to the 'Avg' guideline and snap in place. Readjust by pulling apart and snapping to desired width.
  • Step 4: Pull corner of fabric through any slit.
  • Step 5: Hold Perfect Pleats so that a) your thumb comes over the top and fingers are behind and b) angle the tool almost parallel to the ground to better guide the sari through the prongs and prevent slipping.
  • Step 6a: Weave fabric through the prongs from A to B.
  • Step 6b: Weave fabric around B back towards C
  • Step 6c: Weave fabric around C and back towards D; continue weaving back and forth between prongs until all fabric is pleated.
  • Step 7: Side view of pleated material.
  • Step 8: Straighten pleats and gently pull Perfect Pleats out of the fabric with an upward motion.
  • Step 9: For STORAGE: Pull apart and rotate to nest Perfect Pleats. Place paper insert between pieces and store in velvet pouch.
  • Perfect Pleats - Your Sari Solution The quick & easy way to wear a sari!
Perfect Pleats - Your Sari Solution
Perfect pleats make a perfect sari,
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